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Put your profit where your passion is. I dare you.

How would it feel to know you never needed a backup plan? Imagine turning your talents into consistent paychecks and a fulfilling, sustainable,
life-long career.

My mission is to flip the script on the "starving artist" story, and empower creatives to confidently answer the "so how are you going to make money doing that?" question.


grow your business in
less than 5 hours a week

Never say "I just don't know where to start," again. Learn how to simplify your marketing strategy & hack your productivity using Trello!

I’m Kate Pannell and this is not your mother’s marketing & creative co.

My business blossomed out of necessity and curiosity. I couldn't shake the idea of turning my passions into my paychecks, and I was tired of the endless search for contentment in the corporate world. Insert- entrepreneurship. Nowadays, you can find me hustling at home with my rockstar husband, my cat and likely clad in your grandmother's clothes.

Let's collab & connect the dots between who you are, what you're made for & what you're paid for.

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critics are calling kate...

"full of confidence and has the industry knowledge to back it up."

Trusting Kate to help me create the Spellbound brand was the smartest business decision I've made because I feel like having a solid brand has really helped me make better decisions about the direction of my business. Kate is full of confidence and has the industry knowledge to back it up.

CEO, Spellbound Entertainment

"invaluable in helping grow my brand"

Kate has an outstanding command of her craft and has been invaluable in helping my grow my brand, the importance of which, as someone in the arts, cannot be overstated. I can attest to Kate's knowledge of the field and ability to creatively realize her clients' vision.

Lead Guitar, Axis of Empires

critics are calling kate...

critics are calling kate...

a "creative marketing of the smartest investments"

Kate, the creative marketing guru of Color Me Kate, has changed my life as an entrepreneur. The financial decision to hire Kate is one of the smartest investments I’ve made since starting my small business.

CEO, Harmony Children's Village

critics are calling kate...

critics are calling kate...