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avoid brand identity crisis & turn your chaos into cash.

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A no BS approach to solving the multitalented creative's conundrum.

Take it from the color psychology savvy, copywriting, styling & staging, singing, brand strategist.
I'm the one wearing my many hats high.

My mission is to flip the script on the "starving artist" story, & empower creatives to monetize their many-yet-already marketable crafts. Through personal brand development & discipline, individualized marketing strategy, and operational organization I turn brand identity crises (aka: chaos) into cash.


Slay the monster holding you back from being your most productive self & actually finish what you started!

who's your productivity nemesis?

I’m Kate Pannell. I'm not your mother's multi-passionate creative.

My brand blossomed out of necessity and curiosity. Pretty sure at one point after college, my job became switching jobs. There were too many avenues to explore, and I wasn't half bad at any of them.

I used to think I was drawn to the arts because I love them, but now I think my talent was my heart’s way of saying ‘there is no way you will ever get along with a boss.’ I gave up looking for a career a could get behind, and created one I'm proud to put my face on.

Now, I help others navigate muddy multi-passionate waters through brand development & discipline, and a bulletproof productivity plan. When I'm not typing my way to carpal tunnel, you can find me singing with my rockstar husband, nappin' with my cat and likely clad in your grandmother's clothes.

Let's collab & connect the dots between who you are, what you're made for & what you're paid for.

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critics are calling kate...

"full of confidence and has the industry knowledge to back it up."

Trusting Kate to help me create the Spellbound brand was the smartest business decision I've made because I feel like having a solid brand has really helped me make better decisions about the direction of my business. Kate is full of confidence and has the industry knowledge to back it up.

CEO, Spellbound Entertainment

"invaluable in helping grow my brand"

Kate has an outstanding command of her craft and has been invaluable in helping my grow my brand, the importance of which, as someone in the arts, cannot be overstated. I can attest to Kate's knowledge of the field and ability to creatively realize her clients' vision.

Lead Guitar, Axis of Empires

critics are calling kate...

critics are calling kate...

a "creative marketing of the smartest investments"

Kate, the creative marketing guru of Color Me Kate, has changed my life as an entrepreneur. The financial decision to hire Kate is one of the smartest investments I’ve made since starting my small business.

CEO, Harmony Children's Village

critics are calling kate...

critics are calling kate...