What makes you so special?

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What makes you so special?


The one in the polka dots with bright red lipstick. Think of me as your brand's lyricist. I turn your brand message & story into song, and make your dreamboat clients high-dollar groupies.


- my musician husband, Chayse
- our kitten Eleanor Rigby (& The Beatles)
- midcentury music & decor
- messy buns & winged eyeliner
- telling everyone I'm an enneagram 3w4
- orange kitchen appliances
- brass candlesticks & depression glass
- an old fashioned and a jazz ballad

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I’m about to step ALL OVER SOME TOES.

They say “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery” but at what point do we stand up for ourselves and say, “That’s my thing!”

You might be thinking that would be the childish thing to do. You might think you wouldn’t have the guts. If you’re a little delusional, you could say “they’re not copying me, it’s just the trend.”

Oh, so because it’s trendy it’s okay? It suddenly doesn’t matter if it’s on brand for you or not?

By definition, a trend is a general direction in which something is developing or changing.

Now before I really get to toe stomping, let me confess that my brand hasn’t always been so strong.
I did the thing we ALL are guilty of: comparison. **shutters**

On the first day of middle school, I was rocking a graphic t-shirt, red capris, and high top black Converse. Why do I remember this? I was confident that I looked good.
Within the year, my style shifted to something high top Converse girl would never have chosen on her own.

I HAD TO HAVE those god awful sequined purses, and a pink Razr flip phone. I stopped wearing things I liked, and started spending my chore money on Abercrombie.

I was on trend.
I was not ON BRAND.

And now— toe stomping.
Rose gold.
Handwritten script fonts.

Did you just think of so many brands that LOVE all of those things? Figured.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know some people genuinely LOVE these things. I bet you’ve loved them for a while. But I have an incredibly hard time believing that 8/10 entrepreneurs online love pastels, script fonts, marble and watercolors to their core. How does it feel when your passions, interests, tastes, style, etc becomes a trend to everyone else? Sucks right? It consumes the market and suddenly…

You’re not so special.

This, my friends, is why I am so passionate about branding.

Color Me Kate is about making YOU look good. I’m here to assure you that your success as an entrepreneur does not have to come to you on a slab of marble with a succulent on the side. If that’s your jam, I’ll see it. It will be evident in your home, clothes, style, every aspect of your being.

Say this with me.

I am not my competition.
I do not have to blend in.
I will not succumb to entreprPEER pressure.

If you’re ready to take the leap into a new venture, be it a blog, business or you’re just ready to define your brand and stop keeping up with the joneses, call me.

You are incomparable.

Your taste rocks and your high tops are worth celebrating.

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