Is it time to rebrand?

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Is it time to rebrand?


The one in the polka dots with bright red lipstick. Think of me as your brand's lyricist. I turn your brand message & story into song, and make your dreamboat clients high-dollar groupies.


- my musician husband, Chayse
- our kitten Eleanor Rigby (& The Beatles)
- midcentury music & decor
- messy buns & winged eyeliner
- telling everyone I'm an enneagram 3w4
- orange kitchen appliances
- brass candlesticks & depression glass
- an old fashioned and a jazz ballad

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How to know if your brand is due for a makeover.

Rebranding sounds like a chore, right? But should you do it? How is your current brand working for you now? Are you attracting the right clients? There is a lot of work that comes with rebranding…go figure. We’re talking researching and workbooks, a website overhaul, new logos, etc, etc. So how do you know that it’s the right move your business? Before you go down that road, take some time to examine your strategy. Are you really doing everything necessary to succeed? Yup. I went there. Below I’ve spelled out some reasons why you should rebrand, if any of these things jump out at you rebranding might ought to be on your radar.


You have a change in business

This one may seem obvious but hey, gotta cover my bases. Say you started your career as a travel blogger but as time progressed, you begin to shift into social media marketing. Your wanderlust travel buddies might not care at all about your social media moves. Big changes in your business could mean that your old image might prevent you from attracting the right clients/customers.


Your current brand isn’t growing your business

Another no-brainer. Think back to one of your favorite “first day of school” outfits. Did you just cringe or smile? As time goes on, styles change. It’s only natural. Not only do trends fluctuate but so does our taste. Our experiences can really shape what we really want in life which may not align with the work that we’ve been doing in the past. If your business is stagnant, definitely consider switching it up. “It’s not a phase, Mom!”


Your branding doesn’t speak to your target audience

As business owners, it’s so easy to fall into the trap of focusing more on our personal styles vs. giving the people what they want! While there is absolutely nothing wrong with your business reflecting your personality (as it should!) make sure you’re still speaking to those ideal clients! Classic example, if you’re using Comic Sans for B2B clients, your messaging couldn’t be further from wrong. Yet, if you’re the owner of a daycare and you use Comic Sans in your quote graphics on social media–you’re on the right track for your audience. *Note: I am not encouraging the use of Comic Sans.*


There is no branding direction

Let’s be honest, starting a business is hard. There are so many moving parts. You’re likely still in the phase of figuring out what all you need, only to find more necessities that weren’t ever on your mind in the first place. (CRMs anyone?) If you’re doing all of the work yourself rather than hiring someone, you’ll quickly realize that it can be overwhelming. Many people put branding on the back burner, draft up a quick logo, slap their favorite colors on your IG story highlights and call it a day! You may have perfectly good intentions to come back to it later, but if this is you, it’s time to finish what you started.


You’re not excited to work

How about this one for a good old-fashioned slap in the face? Now, I’m not saying that you should rebrand every single time you get bored. Don’t put your faithful followers and potential clients through that. But really,  if you’re unhappy and not confident in your work, it’s going to show. If you’re ashamed to show clients something to do with your branding, re-approach it. Get some help, see your brand through new lenses! Sometimes it’s okay to start fresh if it’s going to help your business in the long run.


You’re following trends & industry leaders.

I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the number of female entrepreneurs with rose gold, marble, and pastel pink and black in their brand colors. Branding is about so much more than your aesthetic. My brand is engrained in my very being. You can see it in my house, in my closet, in my playlists, in my makeup drawer, etc. Take notes from industry leaders, notice trends then add your own flavor.

Figuring out your branding can truly help you figure out the rest of your business. Take a step back and really think about your target audience and the emotions you want to invoke when someone interacts with your brand.

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