year model of my favorite car: Ford Thunderbird

Hi, I’m Kate and I’m a quitter.
How's that for an opening statement? 

My brand is rock solid. Meaning, I have been very predictable since about age 4. 

Stubborn. Independent. Creative. Likes old things.
Sings & talks A LOT. 

As a young lady, I had my mind made up that the one and only profession for me was a “Mama Princess.” In other words, I wanted to be a queen. Traditional childhood niches and interests were not on my radar. No sweating. No sports. No Girl Scouts because *quote* “No Mom, their vests are ugly.” 

I also quit my 9-5. 


my absolute favorite number 


websites built


number of times I've watched the entire Mad Men series


My entrepreneurial journey started on the playground in 5th grade. I drew black and white coloring pages and charged my classmates a quarter to bring them to life---to add color. Now it’s my turn.
Color Me Kate is my way of adding color to the lives of blossoming, creative entrepreneurs like you. I found my *thing* to be the arts--in any form they take. A few takeaways from my stage days; I learned the art of storytelling, the importance of a strong personal brand, and how to communicate deliberately. These lessons have carried me through a BA in Communication and allowed me to combine my love of creativity and marketing into my new favorite thing: backing creatives in THEIR thing.

Nowadays, you can find me in my Marietta home, baby cat in my lap, singing songs with my husband or binging The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel & Mad Men. #onbrand


year I started my business.


digits spent investing in courses, coaches, and certifications.


cups of coffee since I started my business.


no thanks.


flash facts.


My husband & I met in a theatre production. We were actually cast as husband & wife.

The couple in the show was a composer & lyricist duo. Flash forward 6 years, the rest is history. Chayse and I frequently perform together, and occasionally, I help him write lyrics. *Bonus* I do his music marketing and photoshoots. #powercouple

I was a princess for a few years...

In my college days, I spent many a weekend in a ball gown storytelling and singing at children's birthday parties. Don't let anyone tell you driving in a hoop skirt is easy. 


I am a WWII reenactor, and pinup calendar girl.

There are few things I love more than history and playing dress-up. This little hobby allows me to do both simultaneously. My first pinup calendar I was "Miss June." June is my late-grandmother's name and I look just like her. Genetics are wicked cool, right?

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